World AG Day
Happy AG day!

Don't miss opportunities and do what you love!
Onesoil is always there, waiting for your fields:)

Emphasis here is on image. Often, memes go viral.
Maybe, this is the case?
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Solution 02
Happy AG day!

How many vegetables did you grow this year?
Do you have statistics? Did you achieve your goals?
Even if not, Onesoil is always there, waiting for your fields:)
Let us know: write in comments!

Bright image. Call-to-action.
Everyone likes to talk about his/her own results.
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NDVI index
NDVI - track your plants efficiently

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, is an indicator of a plant's health.
It's calculated by comparing the values of absorption and reflection of red and infrared light. A healthy plant actively absorbs red light and reflects near-infrared light, while the exact opposite happens to a diseased or dying plant.
We update NDVI values every 3 - 5 days or longer if it's cloudy.

A lot of useful information in plain language. A lot of people are afraid of difficult terms and it is important to explain it easily. This text can be used both in social networks and in the newsletter.
And we should create FAQ of course so the user can find information directly in the application.
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Предложить недовольному человеку интервью в формате аудио/видео - звонка и разобраться что им движет. В интернете все сильны, а при реальном контакте можно узнать первопричину без фактора публичности.
Если же таких людей много и звонки требуют слишком много времени, можно
рассказать о разработках на данный момент и почему был выбран именно такой путь развития.
All solutions are based on research in Twitter and people's attitude to other AgTech Startups. Of course, we should test this so I can understand users better.